Our Dogs

Each one of our dogs truly is apart of our family. Below you will be able to get a general idea of the personality of each dog and how they became apart of our growing family!

Saint Thorr Von Schraderhaus

Saint is one of our two studs.  He is a very social dog and loves to be around others.  Saint is consistently producing excellence in his temperament and has a solid working drive.  He is gentle with others, especially children and loves to play fetch! He is very connected to our family and is in tune with what is going on around him.  Saint can be found bonding with all walks of life, from the smallest child to our elders. A true companion!


Maya Vom Harterhund

Maya is one of our most adventurous dogs we have!  She is completely fearless and loves to explore. When we go on walks, Maya is the one who is usually chasing butterflies, or jumping in ponds to go swimming.  Maya is more energetic from the rest of the Bark Hollow Dogs, but has a huge heart that loves sweet one on one time. Maya is a quiet dog, and is very independent!


Ember Vom Harterhund

Ember from day one loves to love others!  As soon as we got her she attached herself to us.  She never likes to be too far from you and would much rather spend all day cuddling in bed then outside on an adventure.  She has a gentle spirit with sweet tendencies towards others. Although not very independent, she can be dominant and has a very strong loyalty to her family.  


Chief Vom Banda

Chief is currently our second stud.  Chief’s line is a line we sought after! His dad is Pepper von Kap Karthago and Pedigree can be found here! Chief has always been our gentle giant. From a puppy to now a grown adult, he has taken extra caution around our children and is always up for a good walk. We are so thankful for a dog who is not only beautiful, but stands firm in his loyalty to his family.