About Us…

Originally we bought our stud Saint to be purely a companion.  At the time we had no thoughts of breeding, just wanted a sweet family dog.  After watching Saint within our family and seeing his personality shine, we wanted to share our family with others!  We do not want to be known as a breeding business, but much more as having a passion for the breed. We take pride in our dogs; they are apart of our family and treated as such! 

At Bark Hollow we honestly believe in breeding for quality not quantity!  This is why we are such a small breeder and do not have puppies readily available at all times.  Each one of our dogs is registered with American Kennel Club. Your puppy will too come with AKC papers, will be microchipped and will be up to date on all their vaccines.

Our Family

Isaac and Kasie Walk started their family in June of 2015. God has blessed us with two sweet daughters, Joanna and June.

Joanna adds such a special touch to the Bark Hollow family as her genuine and caring nature is to take care of each puppy as her own.

June is still a sweet baby, but I am sure when she starts to move- she too will be chasing each puppy around our farm!

We started breeding in 2017 and have loved every single moment of it. The relationships we have built from our clients are like no other. They truly are our family and we are beyond thankful for each and everyone of them!

We kindly invite you to join our journey and become a part of the Bark Hollow family!

God Bless- The Walk’s